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ECATE (2 uploaded video)

New sliding door for wardrobe
Anta Ecate is the new sliding door for wardrobe of Cafim.
The feature of this product is the compartment where housing a TV.
Anta Ecate is a set of aluminum profiles which provides the creation of a sliding door for wardrobe. Its feature is to have inside a space dedicated to
housing a TV.
The wiring of the Tv cables is simple and safe thanks to an extruded aluminum cable hole, fixed inside of the door, and to a nylon chain installed on the top of the wardrobe. This wiring allows the door to slide even with the TV on.
Anta Ecate can be hooked to any track system.

ECATE video assembly instructions first part
ECATE video assembly instructions first part

NEAT (1 uploaded video)

Neat. It’s an aluminum profile and accessories for “DIY” system to realize hinged and flap aluminum doors for furniture. Thanks to a patented joints system, the final user will be able to realize his own hinged, or flap door, with a simple straight cut of the aluminum profile. This system doesn’t need any drilling or milling to fix the hinges or the hardware needed for the flap door version.

NEAT DIY aluminum profile to realize hinged and flap furniture doors

LOGO (9 uploaded video)

Assembly instructions.
It’s a system of aluminium profiles and Zama accessories to realize walk-in wardrobes, bookshelves and open cabinets that will be fixed on walls or on the ceiling and stand on the floor. 
The customer can create his structure by evaluating the different options according to the accessories and the materials using in this system.
The quick fastening allows to arrange easily the structure and to make any changes later.

LOGO video assembly instructions
LOGO The structure (assembly instructions)
LOGO Wall junction's preparation optional
LOGO Shelf bracket's placement
LOGO Adjustable shelf bracket's placement
LOGO Aluminium shelf's placement and assembly
LOGO Tube holder's placement
LOGO Accessorie's Cafim Frame placement
LOGO Chest of drawer's placement

RIBBON (2 uploaded video)

Assembly instructions for kitchen and bathroom.
The range of wall attachments makes the product versatile in terms of use and applicable accessories.
The profile can contain led lighting allowing to create mirrors too.
The wide range of bathroom and kitchen accessories and a selection of anodized and painted finishes permit to obtain customized solutions according to the customers’ needs

RIBBON video assembly instructions for bathroom
RIBBON video assembly instructions for kitchen
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