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Sistemi in alluminio per l' arredamento


CAFIM srl is an Italian factory which is producing technical aluminum accessories for furniture since 1986.
Located in the most important area, in terms of research and innovation for furniture producers, CAFIM is focusing on the technical and design needs of customers, sometimes finding solutions before the market even demands them.

Our products, totally realized inside our factory in MISINTO, gave us the chance to become suppliers of a multitude of leading brands in the production of furniture.
Some examples for the Italian market include: LEMA – PORRO – ERNESTO MEDA – COMPOSIT and many others in the same level of market

While about international market we can mention some of the distributors which are working with us like: WURTH, HAFELE, LEROY MERLIN.

Thanks to our experience and our commercial expansion, we had the chance to study and face many businesses in the furniture industry. This made us face many technical challenges but thanks to our internal technical and engineering dpt. we always manage to offer many innovative solution and realize custom products that are totally Made in Italy.
Our finishing dpt. is another strong point of CAFIM, as it can satisfy the most diverse requirements from the market and from our customers.

Strutture mobili arredamento

Systems, structures and accessories for furniture industry

We design and manufacture systems and accessories for the furniture industry through the research and development of new furniture solutions that follow the needs of the furniture market, creating innovative and effective products.

Sistemi per mobili arredamento
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