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Plug System

System of aluminum for interior
sliding doors frames and sliding
doors frames for wardrobes.

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Logo System

Aluminium profile to realize
walk-in wardrobes, library and
living solution

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Kalì System

Aluminum profiles to realize
wardrobes with aluminum

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Systems and accessories
for furniture industry

Cafim srl is an Italian factory which is producing technical aluminum accessories for furniture since 1986.
Located in the most important area, in terms of research and innovation for furniture producers, CAFIM is focusing on the technical and design needs of customers, sometimes finding solutions before the market even demands them.

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Today we assist big companies in the furniture industry and we are deemed strategic partner for the development of innovative projects. The synergy existing between our technical office and our Client's technical office allows us to improve our research and development process, whose purpose is to manufacture products and systems that comply efficiently with the market needs.

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Research and development

We are constantly researching and testing new and innovative materials, systems and furniture solutions.

Innovative products

Our production continuously focuses on the creation of innovative products for the market.


Anta Ecate

New products Anta Ecate

New sliding door for wardrobe Anta Ecate is the new sliding door for wardrobe of Cafim. The...

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New products Polar. rack system of aluminum profile useful to realize walk-in closet

New products Polar

It’s a rack system of aluminum profile useful to realize walk-in closet and libraries, it can even...

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